Welcome to Medicare – ONLINE VERSION

We are pleased to provide online narrated modules of our popular live Welcome to Medicare class that we hold every month at venues around the County. These modules are new and up to date as of April, 2024.

For your convenience, the class is divided into seven separate modules. Each module is designed to stand alone. Feel free to view them all using the PLAYLIST, or view just the ones you’re interested in. You can view them on any type of computer, tablet, or smart phone. When you click on a link it will open HICAP’s YouTube channel, and will play a video.

The modules all have narration, so make sure your device’s audio function and speakers are on and the volume is at the proper level. You can hit pause at any time, and use the slider to move back and forth through the video. At the bottom right corner of the video is a box that allows you to expand the video to your full screen.

Below each video you will find a link to a printable PDF of that module with four slides per page. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

YouTube PLAYLIST for One-click access to all 7 modules

Module 1:  Eligibility, enrollment, and Medicare basics.

  • Overview of Medicare coverage—A, B, C and D
  • Who is eligible for Medicare
  • When and how to enroll
  • Who can defer enrolling without penalty

Duration:  20 minutes

Module 2:  Medicare coverage

  • The two paths for receiving Medicare coverage
  • Medicare Part A—coverage and cost
  • Medicare Part B—coverage and cost

Duration:  26 minutes

Module 3:  Supplementing Original Medicare – Medigaps

  • Medicare supplement (Medigap) policies:  how they work, when to enroll, what are your options

Duration: 18 minutes

Module 4:  Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Part D prescription drug coverage:  how it works, when to enroll, what are your options, how to choose

Duration: 16 minutes

Module 5:  Medicare Advantage plans, an alternative way to get Medicare coverage

  • How Medicare Advantage plans work, when to enroll, what are your options
  • How to compare and decide:  Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage
  • When can you change the coverage?

Duration: 31 minutes

Module 6:  Medicare and other coverage

Reviews whether and how other coverage you have will coordinate with Medicare.

  • Covered CA and MAGI Medi-Cal
  • small employer coverage
  • retiree plans (employer or union)
  • Federal Employee Retiree Health Benefits
  • Tricare for Life
  • VA benefits

Duration: 22 minutes total

Module 7:  Low Income Programs

  • Medi-Cal Programs: Overview)
    • MAGI Medi-Cal
    • Aged and Disabled Medi-Cal
    • Medi-Cal with Share of Cost
    • Working Disabled Program
  • Medicare Savings Programs
  • Extra Help and LIS (Low Income Subsidy)

Duration: 22 minutes total

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