Programs that assist with insulin costs

Assist with insulin costs

HICAP has compiled a list of manufacturer’s assistance programs and other discounts on insulin as of 6/25/2019.

Note that these programs are subject to change at any time and might not be available anymore. Check the website or for updated information.

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Insulin Cost Savings Programs for Medicare Beneficiaries

If you cannot afford your insulin, check for assistance programs/discounts for your brand. You may also want to show this list to your doctor to discuss alternatives to your current insulin as some brands have more generous assistance programs than others. Many insulins within a category (e.g., rapid acting) are often interchangeable with each other. Assistance/discount programs change frequently, and exact details vary, so check with the programs for more information.  Details on available programs for each brand are also available at or

Patient Assistance Programs by Manufacturer:


Rapid/Fast acting: Humalog, Humalog 75/25, Humalog 50/50 – vial or Kwikpen; Humulin R, Humulin 70/30 – vial

Long/Medium acting: Basaglar (“generic” for Lantus) Kwikpen; Humulin N vial

PAP Eligibility: can’t have private insurance (except if insulin is not on formulary) or full LIS, Medi-Cal or VA Coverage. Income ≤ 400% FPL, proof of income needed. If eligible for Part D must have spent ≥ $1100 on meds in current calendar year. If not eligible for Part D must have no insurance. Call 800-545-6962,

Other: Lilly now has “authorized generic” Insulin Lispro (Humalog with a different label) for half the price of Humalog for people with no coverage, in a high deductible plan or in the donut hole. $137.50/vial or $265.20/box of 5 pens.


Rapid acting: Apidra or Admelog (“generic” for Humalog) – vial or Solostar pen

Long acting: Lantus – vial or Solostar pen; Toujeo – Solostar or Max Solostar U300 pen

PAP Eligibility: no insurance or existing insurance doesn’t cover the product. Income ≤ 250% of FPL. People with Part D qualify if they’re not eligible for LIS or Medi-Cal, and they spend ≥ 5% of their annual household income on meds. 888-847-4877,

Other: Valyou program for Sanofi insulins for people paying cash due to high deductible plans or no insurance. Not for people with Medicare, Medi-Cal or other federal coverage (except for FEHB). $99/month for up to ten vials and $149/month for up to 5 boxes of pens.

Novo Nordisk

Rapid/Fast acting: Fiasp, Novolog, Novolog 70/30 – vial or Flexpen; Novolin R – vial

Long/Medium acting: Levemir – vial or FlexTouch pen; Tresiba U-100 and U-200 – vial or FlexTouch pen; Novolin N or Novolin 70/30 – vial

PAP Eligibility: No private insurance or VA and not eligible for Medi-Cal. Income ≤400% of FPL. People with Part D are eligible if drug expenses have been ≥ $1000 in the calendar year and LIS has been denied. If no Part D then must have been denied LIS. 866-310-7549,

Other: Walmart Relion (Novolin) R and N sell for $25/vial, and most chain pharmacies sell Novolin R and N for $28/vial. These are older insulins (fast and medium acting vs the newer rapid and long acting). They do not need an Rx, but always get your doctor’s permission to switch as onset and duration times differ from the newer insulins.

Copay coupons

(not allowed for people with Medicare, Medi-Cal, VA or Tricare):

All manufacturers also provide copay coupons for at least some of their brands. These typically require you to have commercial insurance, but can’t be used if you have Medicare, Medi-Cal or other federal benefits except for FEHB.  They either provide savings on the cash price for those with a high deductible or reduce your copays.  Copays can be as low as $0-$25/month with these coupons. Details vary by product. See or

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