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As of 10/24/2021 you must dial “1” plus the “925” area code for local calls!



How to contact HICAP

(use any of these options)

Local Telephone: 925-655-1393

EMAIL us: [email protected]
(Please provide a phone number in the email.)

Toll Free Phone: 800-510-2020

TDD: 711 For the hearing impaired

Contra Costa HICAP provides counseling to residents of Contra Costa County in California. If you live in a different county or state, please contact your local HICAP or SHIP office.

Contact HICAP for help with any Medicare issues.

Other contact information:

Click here for a list of our Counseling Locations
Click here for a list of our Welcome to Medicare Class Locations

What are the best ways to contact Contra Costa County HICAP?

  • See the HICAP counseling location schedule for the nearest site to you. Make an appointment for a one-on-one counseling session by calling 925-655-1393 or the number on the schedule for the specific site if one is listed.  Note that we do not see clients at our actual HICAP office.
  • Phone the nearest Welcome to Medicare class location to register for a class. You will learn about when and how to enroll in Medicare, the costs and benefits and different plan options.
  • Phone our office at the numbers above for more information or if you have a Medicare insurance problem.
  • You should phone 911 if you have an urgent medical problem.


HICAP Disclaimer:

HICAP counseling services are provided by Counselors registered by the California Department of Aging who are acting in good faith to provide information about health insurance policies and benefits to you, the client. This information shall not be construed to be legal advice, and the volunteer HICAP Counselor is generally not liable for acts and omissions in providing counseling to recipients of this service. (W&I Code, Section 9541(f).) If you choose a plan and have difficulty in completing the necessary forms or process for enrollment, the HICAP Counselor will assist you. However, you will be responsible for the actual plan contract. The HICAP Counselor will NOT choose your plan for you.

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