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Photo of people seated and listening to a speakerContra Costa HICAP has trained Community Educators who can give presentations on a variety of topics related to Medicare. Presentations are suitable for groups such as service clubs, retiree and employee associations, professional associations, faith-based groups and more.

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Welcome to Medicare
Saving Money on Prescription Drugs: 14 Tips and One Pitfall
What Everyone Needs to Know About Medicare Regardless of Your Age
ABCs of LTC: An Overview Of Long Term Care Insurance
Medicare Fraud and Scams
Medicare Annual Review (during open enrollment only)

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Contra Costa HICAP Community Education Presentations


Welcome to Medicare

(this is a regularly scheduled class at fixed locations and dates and is geared towards individuals)

Gives an overview of coverage & options for those within a few months of starting Medicare

  • Provides detailed information on the Medicare program including eligibility, enrollment, costs, and benefits
  • Explains various options for supplementing Medicare such as Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigaps), Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Provides information on Medicare’s prescription drug benefit and how to choose the optimal plan
  • Brief overview of how employer, retiree or other insurance works with Medicare

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Saving Money on Prescription Drugs: 14 Tips plus One Pitfall

(40 min. + Q&A)

Focus on how to save money on prescriptions whether or not you have Medicare

  • Overview of Medicare Part D coverage and how to choose the optimal plan for you
  • Other resources and programs offering assistance with drug costs
  • Ways to save at the pharmacy and on the drugs themselves
  • Things to be aware of regarding Canadian online pharmacies

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What Everyone Needs to Know About Medicare Regardless of Your Age

(about 45 minutes)

For all ages but especially targeted to those in the pre-retirement planning stage or who are helping others who have Medicare

  • Brief overview of Medicare basics: benefits, coverage options and costs
  • Identifies choices you need to make and important timing issues regarding Medicare coverage
  • Identifies issues to be aware of in doing retirement planning
  • Alerts you on how to avoid costly mistakes and possible gaps in coverage

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ABCs of LTC: An Overview of Long Term Care Insurance

(about 1 hour)

An Overview of Long Term Care Insurance

  • Describes the differences between Medicare coverage and long term care
  • Explains ways of getting long term care and options for financing it
  • Focuses on the features as well as the pros and cons of long term care insurance
  • Offers guidelines for purchasing LTC insurance

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Medicare Fraud and Scams

(several lengths)

How to Help Prevent Medicare Fraud & Scams

  • Discusses the types of fraud prevalent in the Medicare system
  • Increases awareness of health care scams and how to protect against them
  • Informs consumers on how to identify fraud and scams and where to report it

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Medicare Annual Review

(Only available during fall Open Enrollment (Oct 15 to Dec 7)

Changes in Medicare plans for the upcoming year

  • Review of Medicare basics including Parts A, B, C and D and Medigap supplements
  • Discusses who needs to take action during Open Enrollment
  • Provides detailed information on changes in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) in Contra Costa County

See our Open Enrollment pages (only during open enrollment) for dates and locations.

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Request a talk for your group or contact Lynnette Watts at 925-655-1391.

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