End Stage Renal Disease and Medicare (ESRD)

If you have ESRD you may be eligible for Medicare right away. The regular Medicare rules don’t necessarily apply to you, especially if you’re working and have employer health coverage. For example, although others who are working and covered by an employer plan can defer their Part B coverage, with ESRD the rules are different. You must enroll in both Parts A and B at the same time within certain time periods even if you’re still working and have employer coverage.

Moreover, people who are younger than age 65 with ESRD are typically not allowed to purchase a Medigap supplement plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Upon turning 65 however, regular Medigap rights apply for a limited time.

There are many other aspects to Medicare coverage with ESRD that you should be aware of. It is very complicated.  See HICAP as soon as you find out you have ESRD to avoid delays in coverage and penalties.

Contact HICAP for more information.

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