Medigap Plans C and F

What’s happening with Medigap Plans C and F in 2020?

There is much confusion amongst the public and even insurance agents about Medigap plans C and F. There is a mistaken belief that these plans will no longer be sold after this year. That is not true. These plans will still exist and be available for purchase for some people. It all depends on when someone was originally eligible for Medicare Part A based on either age, disability or ALS/ESRD.

If you were first eligible for Medicare Part A before 1/1/2020, even if you didn’t enroll:

  • Plans C and F will still be sold and available. You will be able to buy a C or F plan even if you do not have one .
  • Anyone in this category can still switch from one C or F plan to another under the birthday rule, or newly get one under any qualifying Medigap open enrollment/guaranteed issue right, or apply for one at any time subject to medical underwriting
  • The current guaranteed issue limitations are unchanged as of now – for example certain events don’t allow the choice of plans D or G. These limitations will still be in effect for people who were eligible for Medicare prior to the 1/1/2020 cutoff date

If you are newly eligible for Medicare Part A on or after 1/1/2020:

  • For anyone newly eligible on or after 1/1/2020, plans C and F, including High Deductible (HD) F, will not be available under any circumstances.
  • Any reference to Plans C and F in all laws and regulations will mean Plans D and G (and HD G) for anyone in this category.

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